Zigazig Ahhhhh: It's a Spice World, and We're Just Living in It

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Date 08.27.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20
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Associated Program Drive-In

Calling all wannabes! This world can be SCARY. If you’re BABY, or even a little SPORTY, you understand the importance of keeping shit POSH. I’m not going to be GINGER about it: BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT! If you wanna be my lover, you gotta see this movie. Put on your little Gucci dress and come watch five girls, aliens?!?!?!?, and Alan Cummings throw out all the basic tenets of moviemaking in this nonsensical romp through past, present, and future. Is this for kids or am I supposed to be confused and horny? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!! Park your Spice Bus for this summer screening spectacular in the sacred church of Spice. You know what I really really want? Girl power! Say you’ll be there? (*FREE FOR ANDIE FLORES PATREON SUBSCRIBERS!*)

andie flores is a writer, visual and performance artist, and comedian whose work and play are guided by questions of audience, excess, glitches, legacy, experiments of liveness, and performances of online identity. Through self-portraiture, character video experiments and live (in-person and online) performances, her work explores and explodes the complexities of knowing oneself as a racialized body and general clown idiot in multiple layers of time, space, and cultural connectivity.

She is currently a doctoral student in Mexican American Latinx Studies at the University of Texas, and spends a great deal of time talking to herself on camera in a teeny tiny studio at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas. flores’ first solo exhibition, ‘but always near poets,’ showed at Presa House Gallery in January 2021.