MoHA Alone: A Home Alone Musical

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From the creators of Batman Returns Returns, Live Hard and various other acts of holiday celebration that you may or may not remember comes, MoHA Alone.  

Directed/Adapted by Travis Tate, Produced/Forced into existence by MoHA and Terror Pigeon


Sabrina Ellis as Kevin
Sean Tillmann as Harry
Mike Wiebe as Marv
Emily Lowe as Mom
JT Bundick as Dad
Max Juren as Old Kevin
John Christopher as Buzz and Santa
Jeff Mills as Old Man Marley
Kelsey Oliver as Tarantula
Beatrice Pulsifer as Therapist
Cassie Reveles as Fuller
p1nkstar & Y2K as Pizza, Guy & Vehicle
Astrid Ramirez as  Uncle Frank
Ciceley Fullylove as Heather/Kelly
Kevin Armstrong as Rod
Lindsey Taylor as Furnace
Kelsey Oliver, John Christopher, Cassie Reveles, Lindsey Taylor, Kevin Armstrong, Ciceley Fulleylove, KD Kinetic as The Chorus
Bob Hoffnar, Jonathan Horne and Gary Calhoun James as The Polka Band