Keeping Dreamtime

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7pm / free

Another world exists while we’re asleep, and this world looks different for everyone who ventures there. Visit a colony of dreams made tangible at The Museum of Human Achievement, to accompany the release of Raw Paw Issue 5: Dreamz.

Drawings, paintings, sculpture, music, performance, installation, and digital environments by; Ursula Barker, Timothy Baron, Alex Diamond, Dana Ellinger, Nick Gregg, Impath, Tamir Kalifa, Fabiola Mejía Lutz, Ray Ray Mitrano, Eric Morales, Sean Morgan, Manik Raj Nakra, J Micah Nelson, Lisa Oppel, Olivia Pepper, Katie Rose Pipkin, Felicia Pulicicchio, Andrew Riggins, Gweniver Rhy, Kaya Sumer, Xavier Schipani, Unello Design, Karen Woodward, and others.