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Date start 04.18.18
Date end 04.19.18
Admission Free
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04.18.18 Fusebox Festival Review: Magdalena Jarkowiec’s In Here by Jonelle Seitz (Austin Chronicle)

In Here is conceived as a fleeting sculpture; two brightly clad dancers perform a short movement work entirely within a brightly carpeted box. The work is viewable only by peering into the space via one of four windows on each wall of the box. In bursts of exuberant and athletic movement, the dancers collaborate with their unique enclosure to produce an abstract visual spectacle of colors and geometries. The placement of the spectators, peering through windows into a private and inaccessible space, evokes the experience of peering into a dollhouse and reshuffles the common bodily relationship of dancer to spectator. Both parties assume a different vulnerability than is common, as well as a different power. The experience of the work lies between installation and typical dance performance: the dancers will spend several hours in their box, changing clothes, drinking water, and performing the work repeatedly as different groups of strangers file in and out.

From Fusebox

Aproportionality can be defined as the absence of corresponding proportions, of not relating to or being relative based on proportion. The works of Magdalelna Jarkowiec play with aproportionality, be it with space vs motion in her choreographed movement pieces or with whole vs parts as imagined in her giant otherworldly sculptures. She offers a serious playfulness as the invitation into her work. For Fusebox Festival 2018, Magdalena presents IN HERE, a work incorporating both dance and sculpture experienced in a space that reframes the physical and subjective relationship between spectator and performer.

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