Cage Match Project, Round I: Michael Muelhaupt and Rachael Starbuck

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The Museum of Human Achievement is pleased to announce the Cage Match Project Gallery and it’s inaugural exhibition featuring the work of artists Michael Muelhaupt and Rachael Starbuck.

Cage Match Project is a gallery housed in an industrial caged-trailer. Measured at 20’x8’x7’, this weathered and rusted container resides in a gravel parking lot in Austin, TX where it is under constant exposure to the elements and 24-hour public viewership. By fully embracing the caged-trailer as both literal and conceptual context, Cage Match Project purposefully stages a narrative of the artist-at- odds, with either history, space, or a work of art itself.

For their site-specific installation, Muelhaupt and Starbuck will address the cage as a metaphor for the porous body. Inspired by the permeability of the structures form, the artists will employ specific materials such as translucent plastic, cast paint, and raw clay to soften the rigid structure of the cage, ultimately complicating the boundary between interior and exterior space.

Cage Match Project and Round One: Michael Muelhaupt and Rachael Starbuck will open to the public on Saturday February 18th at 4:00pm and extend through March 31st 2016. Viewing hours for this exhibition are 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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