Dripping Dreams 4

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Date 09.21.14
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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Featuring Special Guests

DVA (Czech Republic)
The Dialtones

For Dripping Dreams 4, we find the perfect accompaniment to the kaleidoscopic delights of DVA's music in visuals drawn from the rich tradition of psychedelic animation in and around their homeland. We'll take in their joyous noises as we watch the animations of Vladimir Tarasov, Rinat Gazizov, Robert Saakyants, and a dozen other eastern European and Soviet animators. Prepare your mind for rough lines morphing into strange creatures with live accompaniment to dazzle and delight. The Dialtones open with their own blend of visual and audio exploration.



The acoustic-electric sibling duo Dva was founded in the spring of 2006 near Třebechovice pod Orebem Nativity. Now they operate in Pardubice and Hradec Králové. They characterize themselves as Pop of non-existent radios. During their four years of existence they performed more than 250 concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad (Réunion, Slovakia, Russia, France, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Poland, Hungary…). They accompany live the theater performances of dance group VerTeDance – Emigrantes, silent movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary (in 2008 under film festival Project 100) and short movies by Georges Méliés. They also cooperated with Teater DNO, Theater Husa na Provázku and Theater Dejvice. Currently the duo works on music for documentary films by V. Klusák: Vše pro dobro světa a Nošovic/All for the Good of the World and Nošovice and M. Ryšavý’s documentary Medvědí ostrovy/Bear Islands. In 2007 the duo founded their own “kitchen” (DIY) label called HomeTable where they publish local albums (Kollektt8).

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