Batman Returns Returns

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From the makers of Live Hard, A Christmas Carol and 2 more years of christmas musicals you may or may not remember comes Batman Returns Returns. Two nights, tickets below.

editors note: this show will definitely sell out you should prob get tickets now

A Holiday Musical Starring:

Sabrina Ellis (Giant Dog, Sweet Spirit) as Batman
Har Mar Superstar as Penguin
Jane Claire Hervey as Catwoman
John Christopher as Shrek
Gretchen Phillips as Alfred
P1nkstar as The Ice Princess
Emily Lowe as The Paperboy
Erica Nix, Cassie Reveles and Jessica Gardner as Goons, Penguins and Cats
Travis Tate as Commissioner Gordon
Vincent Tomacino as The Mayor

Featuring Music from:

Peter Stopschinski as Robin
Thor Harris as Bane
Lindsay Verrill as Banana Batman


Directed and Adapted by Megan Tabaque
Production and Design by MoHA and Terror Pigeon
Choreography by Kelsey Oliver
Costumes and Vibes by Stephanie Page, Emily Gilardi, Jess Bee and Elizabeth Ensminger

Featuring Beverages from Live Oak Brewery and Austonian Spirits

Thanks to our Promotional Partners #bbatx