Yes You Can!

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Was your previous year filled with anxiety and dread? The hot breath of a meaningless existence breathing down your neck? A sense that the Matrix is glitching out and we’re trapped in the meltdown?

Start the new year with a fresh start gaining insight and inspiration from a panel of experts dealing with self-esteem, fitness, romance, finance, spirituality and more. Expect a giant group hug exercise, group affirmations, a live splooshing sessions with a dominatrix, an iPad self pleasure demo, an ASMR make up tutorial, life hacks, meditations, and beyond.

You’re not just a hologram in a gigantic computer simulation of life. You’re a whole and beautiful human being.

Guidance and motivation provided by

Erica Nix
Ralphie Hardesty
Gretchen Phillips
Christina Parrish
Devon Walker
Ezra Edwards
Domme Discordia
Inertia Official
Carlos Rosales-Silva
Sawyer Stoltz
Jessica Gardner
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