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MATERIAL GIRLS is pleased to present their fourth exhibition, xoxo, at the Museum of Human Achievement. For xoxo, each of the six members of MATERIAL GIRLS invited another artist to participate by creating her own interpretation of a vessel. Characterized by its function, a vessel simultaneously defines and is defined by its contents. As a reciprocal object, the vessel is always understood in relation— the space inside an empty vessel as a site of potential energy. The act of making a vessel is an opportunity to draw, define, and describe our own boundaries.

In a similar vein, the gesture of a hand tracing the surface of a leaf, a window pane, a warm orange, a soft cheek all describe boundaries and attempt a tactile understanding. In addition to making vessels, all twelve artists shared short videos with each other, accumulating many moments of touch and movement in response to one another by mirroring small gestures. This visual, long-distance version of “Telephone”, the listening game, served as a way of connecting in a more tangible, intimate, and tactile way across distance. These videos were then compiled and edited together, creating the collaborative multi-channel video installation Same.

Much of this project is about relationships, connections and communication across distance. We are developing methods for building and defining our network of female-identifying and femme artists— supporting, holding, communicating with, and caring for one another.

xoxo features:

Bárbara Cartier
Cameron Coffman
Cara Chan
Devra Freelander
Hilliary Gabryel
Sydni Gause
Emily Hartley-Skudder
E.M. Joseph
Claire Lachow
Gracelee Lawrence
Anne Clare Rogers
Rachael Starbuck


MATERIAL GIRLS is a female-identifying collective of sculptors and digital artists formed in 2016, including Cameron Coffman (Los Angeles, CA), Devra Freelander (New York, NY), Hilliary Gabryel (New York, NY), Claire Lachow (New York, NY), Gracelee Lawrence (Pittsburgh, PA) and Rachael Starbuck (Austin, TX). MATERIAL GIRLS is committed to providing an inclusive platform for female-identifying artists and thinkers to make and share work and ideas, supporting each other through our practice; our mission is to continuously expand our global network of artists.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

We'd also like to thank our promotional partners at #bossbabesATX for supporting xoxo