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Event Info
Date 02.07.24
Time 6pm–8pm
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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Hey Nerd! Have you ever wished to share your obsessive love for an IP (like the Marvel Universe or Ghibli Studios) with the rest of your community? Okay, but are you super obsessed with the culture depicted in your favorite story? So. Are. We.

From the Upside Down to the delectable meals of Spirited Away, it's hard not to adore those captivating details from your favorite stories. We revel in delving into the lore that makes an IP feel alive, the kind that might not be crucial to the story but enriches it nonetheless.

Nerd Celebration Night is done in true nerd-style: an obsessively fun exploration into the worlds we cherish. Think of us as your tour guides, unveiling cultures from fantastical realms, or as your docents, navigating you through a museum of fictitious artifacts and lore.

For our inaugural Nerd Celebration Night, we're diving into the food, fables, and follies of Baldur's Gate, a city within the vast Dungeons & Dragons universe and the namesake of the beloved RPG video game. This illustrious city, both familiar and enigmatic, offers opportunities and challenges in equal measure, along with a culture that pulsates with magic and life. Our evening will be an exploration of the delights and dangers that give this city its unique heartbeat.


  • An introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, the Forgotten Realms, and, of course, Baldur's Gate.
  • Delicious treats to nourish the spirit. Think treacles, healing potions, and even neogi claws (who doesn't love a neogi?).
  • Readings from Baldur's Gate's most distinguished literature, plus "borrowed" notes from its citizens!
  • Fashion tips for combat and casual camp hangouts.
  • Insights into the city's laws and customs... including that exotic animal law!
  • And much more!

If you're a fan of Baldur's Gate, we welcome your contributions to the night's festivities. Feel free to create artifacts, share your treats, or be our very own Volo and perform a poem or two. No need to be a pro – being a fan is more than enough!

Got an idea for our next Nerd Celebration Night? Let us know! With your input, we can craft memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy!