Vine of the Dead, 11 Ritual Gestures

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Vine of the Dead explores the place and meaning of ritual in the 21st century by attempting to communicate across the divide between life and death. In a series of 11 rituals, the performance channels personal experiences of death and transcendence while exploring the spirituality of skepticism.

Created and performed by Obie and Bessie Award-winning director and designer Jim Findlay in collaboration with interaction and sound designer Ryan Holsopple, the performance conjures alternate realms of perception and consciousness through a dense visual and sonic landscape.


Performed by Jake Denney, Aleta Findlay, Jim Findlay, Ryan Holsopple, Maurina Lioce and Jessie Tidball
Written by Jim Findlay and Jeff Jackson
Costumes and masks by Andreea Mincic
Produced by Joel Bassin and the Collapsable Giraffe
Produced in association with Meredith Boggia Productions
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