Two Into Three

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Date 04.15.14
Admission Free
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April 15th

Bob Hoffnar will present 3 new duets composed for pedalsteel guitar.

This project is designed to use the natural harmonic/sonic qualities of the pedalsteel guitar to create contemporary music outside of the typical country music idiom. Therefore extending the voice of the instrument while also broadening the sonic and expressive pallette of contemporay composers. The first composer Ms. Lamb is classically trained microtonal composer while Mr. Heitlinger is a jazz based composer. Mr Hoffnar’s works lay somewhere in between.

Compositions by:

Catherine Lamb , Berlin
Alex Heitlinger, Austin
Bob Hoffnar , Austin


Piece #1 Duet with 2 pedalsteel players with Wayne Dahl
Piece #2 Duet for pedalsteel and trombone with Alex Heitlinger
Piece #3 Duet for pedalsteel and string bass with Aaron Allen

There will also be an improvised performance featuring Chris Cogburn on percussion.

$10 / Doors 7 / Music 8

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