Toward a Kinoderm Aesthetic

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Event Info
Date start 11.17.13
Date end 11.18.13
Start Time 12am
Admission $20

What if one's gait could see?

Take Dziga Vertov’s concept of kino-eye and vision it anew in the age of gait-based detection and surveillance: the skin-as-camera. Think with others on questions of performance, politics and pedagogy as mobile subjects in the contemporary vision machine.

"Toward a Kinoderm Aesthetics" might be of interest to academics, artists, activists or others working with questions of moving bodies, visioning technologies, public spaces and politics in the common sphere. We encourage a variety of educational backgrounds, professional practices and personal experiences to enliven and enrich the weekend event.

The Department of Biological Flow seeks to develop any particular process to a state in which it has just ceased to be fragile enough for one's imagination to take over and build upon or otherwise transduce the framework. The "Toward a Kinoderm Aesthetics" workshop is a continuation of our attempt to offer a broader process cluster -- WALKING IS IN(DI)VISIBLE -- as a means to engage imaginative dialogue and open questions in a collaborative potential.