The Silent City II

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Event Info
Date start 09.22.17
Date end 09.24.17
Start Time 12am
Admission $15

The Silent City II is an audience-propelled musical audio play set in the ambiguous future. Immersed in a glowing, dynamic environment, attendees will play audio consoles following a simple projected graphic score.


Friday, September 22, 8pm & 10pm
Saturday, September 23, 8pm & 10pm
Sunday, September 24, 2:00-3:30 pm - The Sunday performance is a Sunday family friendly matinee.

Thank you, humankind.

-Eury Model 機械的 3人5セ ジュニア

The Silent City

The Silent City is an ongoing series of interactive / intermedia experiences created by Lauren Gurgiolo ( and Wendy Mitchell (