The 1st Annual Anthropomorphic Costume Competition for Inanimate Objects

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Event Info
Date 10.31.15
Admission Suggested Donation $5
10.29.15 Halloween in Texas: What You Should Do Today by Glasstire (Glasstire)
10.28.15 Top Five October 29, 2015 by Glasstire (Glasstire)

Dear esteemed madam or sir, you are cordially invited to MoHA’s prestigious First Annual Fall Anthropomorphic Costume Competition for Inanimate Objects (and general festive occasion) on October 31st! You are humbly invited to submit a proposal for our inaugural contest, which features inanimate objects dressed loosely as human beings (both notable or otherwise)! In order to take part in this jovial festivity for acclaim, fame, and glory, please indicate your desire to participate by filling out the enclosed form, and – if possible – send one to two sentences describing the inanimate object and the costume it shall be wearing, as well as any stipulations and/or special accommodations for your contest submission (e.g. be it extremely large? doth it require power outlets?).

To reiterate, this competition is not for humans, but rather for inanimate objects (e.g. a lamp dressed as Larry David or your toothbrush dressed as a slutty zombie nurse). Humans are welcome to come in costume, but that isn't really the focus.

Submission Form

The competition will be held after sundown on All Hallow's Eve and judged by the respectable and honorary Mikaylah Bowman (Farewell Books), David Culpepper (Ink Tank), and Kevin McNamee-Tweed (Big Medium).

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.