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Austin Free-Net's Tech For All Fest celebrates digital inclusion, technology, and local live music, while promoting community building and concluding Digital Inclusion Week 2023 in Austin. Digital Inclusion Week (October 2-6, 2023) is an annual week of awareness, recognition, and celebration. With support from NDIA, organizations and individuals across the country host special events and campaigns to promote and increase digital equity in their communities.

This free event is open to all and emphasizes support and inclusion for marginalized community members and families. Our goals for Tech For All Fest 2023 are to provide easy access to technology and community resources, support community building in East Austin, and promote Digital Inclusion Week as the closing ceremony in Austin in an inclusive, entertaining, and lively environment. We are dedicated to working collaboratively to leverage resources and elevate awareness and participation of DIW efforts in Austin. Join us for an electrifying celebration of the latest innovations and explore a world of possibilities at our interactive tech booths. Let’s come together as a community and celebrate the power of technology to bridge gaps and create an inclusive digital future.

MoHA will be presenting net art projects from Welcome to Homepage, games from the Games Y'all community, and talking about our programs.