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Date 01.21.18
Admission Free
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Following up on our pre-inauguration F*CK TR*MP screening of 2017, Experimental Response Cinema presents TR*MP TH*S!, a program marking the one year anniversary of the TR*MP presidency. Experimental works in this program respond to a year of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, environmental degradation, corporate greed, Wall Street malfeasance, gun violence, corruption, voter suppression, foreign intervention in elections, defunding health care, human rights, income inequality, BLM… well it’s an endless list, not to mention buffoonery, narcissism, pathology, lies, obsessive twittery…

Come join us as we solemnly (and joyfully) swear to RESIST!, recognizing that artmaking is a necessary response to injustice.

Complete lineup:

1/20/17, Gary Adlestein 4
What’s Next, Robin Gerke 1
Best of Luck With the Wall, Josh Begley 7
Maelstroms, Lana Z Caplan 8
Dailies from the USA, M. Woods 3
Have It Your Way: An Exercise in Domestic Terrorism, Bryan Konefsky 4
Collapsing, Brian Ratigan 1
News from the Sun, The Smyth Brothers 3
NewsReal Preview, Karissa Hahn 2
Where the Truth Lies, Diane Nerwen 4
Fragility of Nature, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani 3
Empty Nightclub, Ben Edelberg 7.5
44.5 minutes


How to Prevent Nuclear War, Justin Entennman + Allison Leigh Holt, 1
How Do I Explain This To My Children?, Chris Freeman 2
Flower Shop Parts I and II, Tommy Becker 9
Presence, Carlos Cruz Martinez 4.5
Now! Again!, Alexander Johnston 5
Eldorado, Salise Hughes 4
America’s Funniest, Don Swaynos 1
Earworms, Senaite Murray & Matthew Michael Wright 2
Do You Want to Go for a Drive?, Kelly Gallagher 5
Comet Song, Lydia Moyer 2
35.5 minutes
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