Suds n Sluts

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Event Info
Date 07.10.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20

'A carwash and drive in screening to benefit SWOP ATX.

The Austin chapter of the Sex Worker’s Outreach Project is a social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, community building, and advocacy. Our local chapter is run by trans sex workers of color, and we aim to prioritize support for those at the margins of our industry for whom access to care and aid is limited. We welcome the support of our allies and hope to forge strong connections and collaborative networks of resources with other social justice minded and sex worker positive organizations, individuals, and businesses in our city. We encourage and invite any sex workers who are committed to dismantling racism, anti-Blackness, colonialism, transphobia, trans/misogyny, ableism, class-oppression, and whorearchy to join us in creating a loving and supportive community of adult industry providers in Austin TX. Funds donated will be used to support mutual aid assistance for verified sex workers in our community, and to fund operational costs for our organization.

Come to our sexy car wash and screening of the movie Tangerine! Whether you’re here to watch the film or enjoy the sexy views from the wash, you’re in for a spanking good and squeaky clean time. Merch, drinks, and snacks will be available at the event – you can order from your car and we will bring it to you!

Car wash starts at 7pm

Movie starts at 9pm

No car? Limited outdoor seating is available! Each socially distanced platform has 4 chairs. Blanket room will also be available for picnic style seating (bring your own blanket). Groups that are not remaining inside their car are limited to four people. Please limit mingling between groups. Port-a-potty restrooms will be available.

Just here for the wash?

Drive on through and follow the signs – prepare to get that naughty bumper shined to perfection with our custom made chamois floggers. Our sexy wash attendants will have you dripping wet and begging for more suds!

Access info: the event will be held in the dirt parking lot of MoHA, all ground level and all outdoor. All-gender port a potty toilets will be available throughout the event. The ground may be uneven especially after rain or from the hoses. Seating will be available – if you by a blanket ticket but still need a seat (rather than seating on the ground), we are more than happy to accommodate you: please DM us, bring your own chair, or approach a volunteer at the event. The movie sound will be played over speaker and radio, with captioning on. Attendees in cars are encouraged to come in a group and stay together in their car to limit mingling, attendees without cars are also asked to limit mingling as much as possible. Water will be available, food and snacks TBA. The car wash is from 7-9 with the movie beginning at 9, all washes will be wrapped up by 9:30. Event ends at 11.