Spaghetti and Meatfalls

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Spaghetti and Meatfalls.jpg

Event Info
Date 09.29.23
Doors 7:30pm
Time 8pm–11pm
Admission $5–10
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Brace yourself for an evening of limp noodles and gravity at Spaghetti and Meatfalls - a curated montage of people falling down paired with spaghetti dinner. 

As the sun sinks slowly below the horizon, bearing mute witness to our impending downfall, this outdoor screening will present a parade humanity's pathetic attempts to resist the ceaseless march of entropy played out in fictional and non-fictional form. Numbly shovel watery strands of spaghetti into your wordless maw, the bare sustenance echoing the bare minimum of meaning we can wring from this carnival of disasters. Never Spaghet the eventual heat death of the universe while you choke down rubbery meatballs. Never Spaghet.