Smokey Emery (Album Release)

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Date 12.01.16
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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Smokey Emery is the nom de la musique of Daniel Hipólito, Los Angeles-based tape music composer/sound artist & former Austin resident. Performing since 1994, starting in Houston, Smokey Emery has releases on a host of labels including Astral Spirits, Obsolete Future, Chondritic Sound, Holodeck Records, Somatic and more. His music tends to be dense ambient soundscapes reflective of their maker and his life & surroundings, what Hipólito calls "audio journalism."

This is the release show for his new album — Every bitter thing sweet — out on Self Sabotage Records. He will be performing four sets: solo; with Rick Reed & Tara Reed; with R. Lee Dockery; with Venison Whirled (Lisa Cameron).

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