Sleepaway Camp

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Date 07.17.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20
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Associated Program Drive-In

Join us for a double feature of Sleepaway Camp (1983) and Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) Gather around the campfire or watch the hack and slash thrills from the comfort of your car! During the films, you’ll be able get to know Angela Baker, the survivor of a horrible boating accident which claimed the life of her father and injured her twin sibling – a horrific incident that scarred her family and left her in the care of her domineering, mentally-unstable Aunt. It was under her care that Angela was truly “born,” as, prior to this, a boy. Raised as a boy, and deeply confused about her gender, Angela was eventually sent away to Camp Arawak at age 14 in an attempt to help her integrate into youth culture. The act proved fatal, as young Angela suffered a complete psychological breakdown and began murdering her fellow campers and counselors. As she grew into a young adult, this tradition continued as Angela eventually became a counselor at the campgrounds herself, and she goes down a destructive path to murder her helpless campers to teach them valuable lessons on the harmfulness of bullying, lying, and…fornication in the woods (?) Here’s what you can expect: a subtitled viewing experience of both films, and 80’s tunes all night long! Gather ‘round a nice campfire and enjoy s’mores and scary story telling!

No car? Limited outdoor seating is available! Each socially distanced platform has 4 chairs. Blanket room will also be available for picnic style seating (bring your own blanket). Groups that are not remaining inside their car are limited to 3-4 people. Please limit mingling between groups. Port-a-potty restrooms will be available.

Bambi is a music journalist, music curator, and active member of the Austin-based organization known as Brown State of Mind.