Rites of Spring: Zines and Square Dancing

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On April 25th you get 'zines and square dancing from Monofonus Press. Starting at 7, there will be a spring 'zine release. This is micro publishing at it's best. With little books created by Michelle Devereux, Daniel Carter, Jules Buck Jones, Tim Kerr, Silky Shoemaker, Stephen Fishman, Eroyn Franklin, Grant Cross, Chrissy Paszalek, Ramona Flume, Chris Brown, and Xavier Shipani. Plus we've got a few copies of some of our past greats. You get to pick any three of these very limited editions for $10.

Then! when that pop up shop starts to close down, the square dance begins. Listen. This might be your only chance to do these dances with what little time you have left. Sharon Issac will be calling and there'll be a ton of excellent pickers and fiddlers backing her up. You don't have to know anything about square dancing to have a good time. You'll learn quick. We'll have some drinks there to make it flow easier, but really, you owe it to yourself and the spring in the air to come and dance with us. .

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