Reel Time Remix

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Reel Time Remix.jpg

Event Info
Date 09.15.23
Doors 7:30pm
Time 8pm–9:30pm
Admission $10

It’s time for a Reel Time REMIX!  Creating a short film takes a lot of energy and skill to build a narrative in a bite-size package. We’re throwing that out the window and bringing (consenting) local filmmakers to subject their films to an improvised voiceover re-write by some of Austin’s best talent.

Local improvisers and actors will transform these three short films into new, unpredictable stories.  Have they seen what’s on screen before? Nope.  Are there a million ways to interpret each movie? Yes. Watch what unfolds, never before rehearsed, never to be seen the same way twice.  

But wait there’s more!  The audience will vote before each film and pick a genre for the actors to run with.  Plus we’ll have ready-made mini art packets with markers, paper, etc for each audience member to make movie posters of each new film/performance they see which they can then take home or add to our evening’s wall of fame.

Join the Texas Film in Focus podcast for a night of celebrating local film and comedy!