Quantum Splendor

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Date start 03.05.15
Date end 03.22.15
Admission Free
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'Work by: Kaya Halil Sümer and Leah Haney

Our earthbound senses, developed long-ago in this world of closeness, struggle to perceive the vastness we are placed in. Although the truths of distances measured in light, of long-dead stars newly reaching us, may be learned- they remain strangely incomprehensible. We witness the birth and death of heavenly bodies occurring in an infinitude, and yet that infinitude somehow feels as if it stops at our edges, rather than encompassing our bodies and our cultures. It is a struggle to comprehend humanity’s elemental heritage of distance.

Wrestling with these constructs through both instinctual and expressive modes, Haney and Sümer splice the divine. One utilizes physics and chemistry, painting with light; the other focuses on architecture and interiors, lines and shapes, rendering these moments as they are dragged across the face of time. Both aim at capturing that near-impossibility to unaided human perception; this flash of quantum splendor.

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