Pwr Video Movies Presents: Legend's of Wrestle (Sic)

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Event Info
Date 07.04.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Mush-mouthed monomania and weaponized furniture — that’s wrestling. What else is wrestling? Wrestling is the only real sport. It’s not just humans smacking into each other (thought that happens — a lot). It’s a live exhibition of naked, clashing spirits! Watch meatheads with no business holding a microphone scream their souls bare, and give them your heart. Feel the power of a humble artform that’s been around for longer than rock music. Become enchanted by the heroics, skullduggery, and utter mayhem. Discover a need you never knew you had! Party World Rasslin’s Commissioner Chris Monica presents matches and interviews designed to give a broad overview of the Glory of Pro Wrestling. Hysterical, exciting, raw, and life-changing, wrestling is really fun to watch with friends. See more sweat on human bodies then you thought possible and drink deep of some cask-strength glowering. Thrill to surprising athletics and – most importantly – experience some weird, indescribable moments will be with you long after the event has ended. Party World Rasslin’ (PWR) is a giant psychedelic party about wrestling that is also, itself, a wrestling league. Our shows have grown since 2014 from small backyard parties for technoburnouts and noise-freaks into giant free warehouse megaspectaculars shaped by our roots in DIY movements across Texas. We love wrestling—we think it’s a perfect thing—and hope you can too.