Put Your MoHA Where Your Mouth is Speech Night

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Event Info
Date 03.04.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

It’s speech night baby!! In celebration of National Grammar Day we’re hosting our first ever Speech Karaoke night!! That’s right, pick the pieces of your broken brain off the fucking floor and then check it out! It’s like karaoke but instead of all our favorite songs, it’s all of our favorite speeches from movies! You text Zac a youtube link to the speech you want to do, we project it with the audio muted and the subtitles on and you give the speech through your freshly sanitized walkie talkie! You could throw down your best Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator repenting speech, channel that Henry V energy and do the William Wallace Braveheart one while pretending you’ve got a cool horse to giddyup, or do like, literally any sports movie halftime locker room rally speech! Then we’re gonna watch the extremely good Will Smith / Jeff Goldblum alien movie and when the president does THE speech we’ll all do it together!!