Powerpointin' 2: REALTIME

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On Friday, March 6th The Museum of Human Achievement will present a (second) festival of powerpoint lectures and/or performances on perceptions of, or our relation(ships) to time, space or Relativity from 8pm-10pm. We will provide a projector, a house plant, a podium, powerpoint, laser pointer and headset microphone.

Powerpoints by:

Stephen Fishman - Mature Babies and Cyclical Time
Shannon Stott - The Time We Share
Sean Ripple - Datamine the Realtime
Hannah Dubbe - It Can Be Nice to Spend Time with your Relatives
Rachel Stuckey - How Einstein Destroyed the Joy and Magic of the Sound of Corduroy Pants Rubbing Together
Grow Your Own Cloud
Amanda Vaugn - how to make a brain using time and space
Jesse Cline - Toward World Peace: An Einstein-Rosen Bridge-Enabled Human Gestalt
Andie Flores - CAN U FART! Do it now!
Jay Roff - Bigfoot Erotica