Potluck (Sept 2022)

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Date 09.09.22
Time 6pm–9pm
Admission Free
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Associated Program Potluck

At the moment, my purpose here is to get to know and build relationships with you and the community at large (isn’t that all of our purposes really?). I’ll be popping up more regularly at events and would love to connect with you. Say hi, let me know what you’re thinking about these days.

In fact, please join me for a ‘Hello’ potluck on Friday, Sept 9th from 6pm - 9pm here at MoHA in the Garden. We’ve got the main course and drinks handled. Would you like to bring something? Bring your favorite childhood snack food, from ants on a log to Dunkaroos (do they still make those?) bring it, I’d love to share and reminisce with you.  

I’m excited to be here. The first show I saw at the MoHA was “An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein”. The show itself, presented in this rich space, hooked me hard and I went on to perform a duo show here called TWINS. A white man played me (a black woman) while I played all the other characters. It was a show about points of view and the support I received from the MoHA community and audience was beautiful. I have felt like I have been finding excuses just to be near this place and the people surrounding ever since. 

A bit about me, I’ve lived in Austin for around 10 years, I was in Richmond Va. before that and was living in parts of Europe and Africa before that. I own an Improv company focused on connecting people to themselves and others using techniques found in Improv along with therapy and sciences. I admire Hazel, from Watership Down and Cesar, from Planet of the Apes and sometimes I’m teary for no particular reason.

If you would like to get in touch with me to chat about projects that you are working on and things that are inspiring you. You can reach out at this email or schedule a hangout here.

I’d love to start making enough connections so maybe I can connect you with someone to help you along your journey.

I’m also interested in knowing how you are connecting with the MoHA these days? What are you missing and what are you hoping to see here? Maybe you’ll share some of that with me at the potluck along with sharing your sliced apples and peanut butter.