Potluck (May 2023)

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Event Info
Date 05.26.23
Time 6pm–9pm
Admission Free
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Associated Program Potluck

Hi Friend,

Here. That’s for you. Well done on your recent growth whatever it was.

I know I have been stretching and bending recently and I have been seeking that “well done, keep going” encouragement . If I am seeking it, maybe you are too… 

Well done, keep going!!

Is there anyone (or anything) supporting you in your stretch? I would love to see you and them (people, pictures, pets etc. welcome) at our next Potluck.  Friday, May 26, from 6-9, here at the MoHA we will host our monthly potluck. Come to meet and connect with the MoHA community and eat. We’ll provide drinks and a main course and if you want to bring something to share, bring a dish that fits in our bendy stretchy vibe.

I’m looking forward to welcoming the people or entities in your life that are supporting your stretch, what an honor it will be to meet them.

See you soon, Shannon