Potluck (Dec 2022)

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Event Info
Date 12.09.22
Time 6pm–9pm
Admission Free
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Associated Program Potluck

Hey MoHA Friends, Happy 'It stopped raining and the sun came out and it feels a bit like actual Fall isn't it nice?' Day!

I hope this I.S.R.S.C.O.F.B.L.A.F.I.N. Day finds you well. It's me, Shannon Stott, the Director of Community Abundance at the MoHA (Remember... 'till Jan 1 2023 ...then I'll stop saying it...so much ;) )

We have had so much happen the last few weeks and I genuinely hope that you have been able to find a quiet corner to collect your thoughts, reflect and find a bit of peace for yourself. If not I suggest you take a tiny moment right now (Go ahead just a moment, The REST of the email will still be here after you open your eyes from the breath you are about to take... right... now...)

Welcome Back to the REST of the email.

It's time for the last potluck of the Year. Friday, December 9th from 6pm - 9pm here at MoHA in the Garden, let's gather together MoHA Style (which means easy vibes and friends).

Looking to bring something? Think about this, this is the last Potluck of the Year, but what if it was the Last PotLuck EVER (Don't worry it's not). What would you want to be sure you shared with everybody? It can be food, a story, a letter, a photo, a message, an act, a plant, a secret, whatever you want. Bring it, Share it (if you feel comfortable with that, we won't put anyone in an unexpected spotlight), we will be grateful you did.

Rain or shine, We will provide nourishment and drinks and gladness to see you. Be sure to dress warm, as we plan to be outside by the fire. ooooooh aaaaaaah! If it rains we'll move our buttsicles inside.

I hope to see you there, these have been a joy because of you.