Potluck (Apr 2023)

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Date 04.21.23
Time 6pm–9pm
Admission Free
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Associated Program Potluck

Hello Loves,

Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm gonna share this snippet from my week ago life...

I went to a friend's house and they made me tea out of flowers!

We sat at a small wooden table with wooden chairs with puffy round cushions on them. They served the tea in handle-less mugs (which was lovely because we were in Minnesota and it was dark and cold outside). They said things like," can you feel the chamomile?" and " you should savor that smell". Twinkle lights surrounded us and soft music came from their family record player. 

That's what actually happened and I wanted to share it with you.    Would you like to create a lovely life snippet with me in the form of a potluck?

This month, on Friday, April 21st from 6pm - 9, we will be having a Potluck here at the MoHA. We will provide the main course and drinks and all you have to do is show up.   If you Would like to bring something to share, bring something that you would want to be savored (don't think too hard about it, we will enjoy anything you bring).

These pot lucks have been bringing joy to many in many ways and I have heard whispers that there are those of you who might want to help create them. 

From set up to tear down, to creating the themes and being head chef, I would love to share the experience with you. Let me know by responding to this email with your interest and I will reach out to you separately to create next month's gathering.

Alright friends,

Looking forward to upcoming life snippet.