Poolluck (Aug 2023)

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Event Info
Date 08.31.23
Time 7pm–10pm
Associated Program Potluck

What Time Is It? MoHA Social Swim Time!

Wanna get together at Barton Springs, see each other and perhaps dip in the pool?

Thursday, August 31 - 7pm - 10pm

Wanna caravan? 

Meet at MoHA. 
We'll leave MOHA at 6:30pm to arrive at Barton Springs (the North Lawn/main entrance) at 7pm.
I can fit 6 in my car. Let me know if you'd like a ride by responding to this email with "I WANNA RIDE" and I'll reserve a spot in my car for you.

Wanna Meet us at Barton Springs? 

We'll get there at 7pm.
We'll be parking at the North Lawn (considered the main entrance of Barton Springs). It is NOT handicap accessible. If you need a ramp, please park at the South Lawn parking lot (off Azie Morton). 
We will be gathered around this helpful turtle friend!

How Much Does it Cost?

Entry into Barton Springs is $5 for Austin residents or $9 for non-residents. 
Free admission to Swim is from 9pm - 10pm
The Barton Springs app is the easiest and most reliable way to pay. You can also pay at the kiosks outside the pool, but sometimes they do not work.
From the website: As of May 1, parking pay station implementation will continue in the lots near Stratford area, and the lots off Azie Morton, and the fee will become $7/vehicle park-wide.

Is there still food involved?

No Potluck or food at this gathering

Barton Springs says: the following are not allowed in the facility:

Coolers, ice chests and thermal bags, food, pets, smoking, glass, alcohol, frisbees, footballs, soccer balls or other hard balls
Drinks are permitted but must be in a plastic resealable container with a twist-top lid

Helpful Hints:

It's gonna be HOT. HOT. HOT. Bring: Water, Sunscreen, A Hat
Call me if you need some help : (804) 726-0650

Ok Friends,   

See you there?!