Polyphonic Negotiations: Experimental documents from Dustin Zemel

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Date 06.05.16
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Experimental documents from Dustin Zemel

Experimental Response Cinema welcomes Dustin Zemel to Austin for a special, last-minute screening of his playful and provocative videos.

Pretend your MTV exploded. Imagine your heart reflected back to you in a million mirrors. Pretend you're looking a thousand different ways at someone else's story, only to find fragments of your own experience in the process. These videos and multi-channel works illustrate one artist’s attempt to build “polyphonic environments”—formal methods to capture the ways we see and hear while honoring the quantity and confusion of informational excess.

In some of these videos, polyphony operates literally through the assembly of soundtracks that rely on simultaneous, multiple, distinct voices. At other times, it exists conceptually through the combination of modes/styles/genres. Using humor, duration, appropriated footage, split-screen, science, sound, these videos ask viewers to locate and fall into the unstable representational spaces that emerge when coherence and dissonance are cast to the margins.

Dustin Zemel is an award-winning video artist and scholar. His works and curated programs have screened at Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque), Horse Hospital (London), PDX Film Fest (Portland), ACRE TV (Chicago) and more. He is the founder and former director of Grand Detour, a microcinema, curatorial group, and educational hub for experimental filmmakers and new media artists in Portland, OR. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD at Louisiana State University as an EDA scholar studying experimental and documentary media. More info and links to videos at: http://dustinzemel.com/  and http://vimeo.com/artradio

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