Plasma Pool VII: Altar Edition

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Date start 06.26.15
Date end 06.28.15
Admission $10
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with Cordey Lopez, Danni Tsuboi, Olivia Warner

PLASMA POOL VII: ALTAR EDITION is a trans-media non-opera psycho-lecture that tells, or rather demonstrates, the experiments of estranged ex-choir director Cordey Lopez and his relationship to the baffling, organic hyper-computer inhabiting his subterranean studio apartment.

In this immersive experience of hi-sci-fi meets lo-art, sculpture, dance, interactive electronics, video, puppetry, breaks into song, and blah-blah-whatever are crammed into a particle accelerator (clank-crackle-swoosh-pop!), yielding an orgiastic, primordial ballet.

The audience is invited to become part of this absurdist gezamtkumstverk and take an acid bath in the core processor’s voltaic cell (which looks a lot like a relaxing swimming pool).



“Plasma Pool VII” is a collaboration between Cordey Lopez, Danni Tsuboi, Olivia Warner, and friends.
Danni Tsuboi is a recovering alcoholic residing in a vacuum cleaner in Tijuana, Mexico.
Cordey Lopez is an emotionally unstable eco-warrior eating the dirt from under his mom’s nails.
Olivia Warner is a retired veteran just trying to get by for a day without those crazy kids watering the nose hog again.

Altar is an ongoing project which pairs a visual artist with a performance artist for a large-scale immersive environment experience and interactive installation. This pairing intends to bridge gaps between traditionally non-collaborating mediums with the result of surprising original works that exist in the liminal space between visual exhibitions, musical performance, theatre, and new media.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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