Plasma Pool 5: John Cage Match

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Event Info
Date 07.25.14
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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At this spectacularly foolish final event, you can do whatever you want. The event will span two hours (9:00 - 11:00pm), while a DJ will be play a set on the main PA for the entire duration. All performers will set up wherever they can in the space, with their own amplification, and will play their sets simultaneously during this allotted time. Sets will overlap and merge and clash, inspiring Cage-ian anarchy by creating an unpredictable synthesis of disparate elements. Plasma Pool is a monthly event showcasing new unseen and unheard works from artists of various media and disciplines, emphasizing experimentation, exploration, and wild invention. Artists are encouraged to venture into concepts, ideas, and media outside their habitual practice. Each month, a handful of artists will present their new works consecutively within a streamlined program oriented towards sound and visual presentations.

New work only:
No other rules or constraints.

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