Planet Earth III

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'Note: this event is not at MoHA but rather at The Fusebox Festival Hub located at 1500 E 4th Street

Join us on 4/20 for a night of love, puppets, speed dating, video games, virtual reality dream cycles, infinite gravity bongs, planet earth, take me to your dealer alien blacklight posters, double rainbows, DIY bong crafting and performance.

(4) 20 minute sets, back to back.



Kuniklo is an art collective based out of Puerto Rico and Austin, TX, comprised of four members, José Luis Sanabria, Luis Gabriel Sanabria, Sebastian Turner and Olivia Warner.

Working with music, theatre, costume, painting, video, sculpture and dance they create immersive installations and full body experiences. Their practice centers around themes of nature, sexuality, culture, rituals, and investigations into literary and philosophical theory. This particular spectacle meshes into a dense experimental map to create other-worldly, multidimensional environments. In their time together as a collective, they have dedicated themselves to an art practice that is immersive both in its creation and for the public to experience. They strive for an ideal of queer utopianism; creating life and spaces that do not necessarily reflect our current world, but rather the world we want. (

Justin Shoulder

Carrion: Episode 1


Justin Shoulder is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and nightlife/community events production. His main body of work the Fantastic Creatures are invented alter-personas based on queered ancestral mythologies. These creatures are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. He is a founding member of queer artist collective The Glitter Militia and Club Ate, a gang of Asia-pacific sissies. He has performed and exhibited internationally, recent highlights include: the video body of work Ex Nilalang for AsiaTOPA by Club Ate, First Sight at Museum Macan, Jakarta, and the premiere of his feature length theatre work Carrion for Liveworks, Performance Space Sydney. (

Ben Aqua


Ben Aqua is a multidisciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his visual work has been exhibited internationally and published in Rolling Stone, NPR, NYLON, SPIN, NME, Flaunt, Bloomberg Businessweek, OUT, ARKITIP, XLR8R, Beautiful/Decay, Rhizome, Hi-Fructose, JOGGING and Fecal Face. His music has been featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Resident Advisor’s podcast series, Interview Magazine, The Creators Project, Mad Decent, DFA, VICE, Dummy Mag, FACT Mag, Modular, URB, BUTT and Opening Ceremony. He also runs the experimental art & music label #FEELINGS.

Delish da Goddess


Future-shit punk trap.

Born and raised in Violet, Loisiana and rapping since third grade, Delish Da Goddess has released a steady string of mixtapes, singles and EPs since 2014, including this year’s woozy, warped Terminally Trill and its icy, show-no-mercy trap follow-up Queendom, snapped into place with the heavy pop of a Roland TR-808 drum machine. ( delishmusic (

14 Soft Encounters


A Speed Dating Event
Presented w/Mouthfeel
Hosted by Erica Nix & Thor Harris
w/ additional consultation and services by Jools McKnuckles and Olivia Warmer.
Adam Schatz will be in from New York City to lead a house band to live-score the chaos.

This is/isn’t really about dating. This event will provide the opportunity for mutual experience with unknown lovers/partners and follow the rough format of traditional speed dating with facilitation of activities. Love is an option, but not a requirement. Single / not-single people are equally invited.

Juegos Rancheros Presents: Strawberry Milk Arcade

All night

Enjoy a selection of one-of-a-kind custom-built arcade cabinets created by experimental artists and game developers from around the world.

JUEGOS RANCHEROS is an Austin-based nonprofit arts organization that nurtures the development of local, independent, and non-commercial video games. (

Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental designer authoring the history of forgotten and imagined video games for girls. (

Flatsitter and IRL Present: The Waves / Las Olas

All night

A virtual reality life-cycle fever dream by Flatsitter.

Featuring: music from Cages (Buffalo, NY), photography and voice from Lizette Flores (Oaxaca), and passages from Virginia Woolf.(English and Spanish). Site-specific set design by David Mitchell.

Produced at Obracadobra Residency and premiered in November 2017 at Centro Académico y Cultural San Pablo— a renovated 16th-century Dominican convent in Oaxaca.

Exhibited at Satellite Art Show in Miami Beach in December 2017, and will be toured across South & Central America in Summer 2018. (

Eythink, Hannah Holzwarth and The Mall present: Bonita Apple Bowl: A Dope Crafts Station

All night

Join Lindsay Eyth of Eythink and Hannah Holzwarth at their station loaded with dope crafts! Pick any fruit from their Magical Fruit Bowl and they’ll teach you how to turn it into a magical fruit … bowl. Or decorate ashtrays, stash jars, grinders, and more. If that’s still too much pressure, it’s cool man, just chill and color some blacklight posters.

Mugger Presents: Wait..Wut?

All night

What’s that thing that makes you go.. Wait.. Wut? Snacks, explosions, and infinite MORTALITY. Find yourself staring into SPACE? Find yourself craving the content no one wants? We got some of it. Will include 1 infinity projection, a melting dry ice sculpture (of indeterminate shape), and a YouTube selection of the finest exploding microwave videos.

The KIND BUDz present: PLEURA

All night

The PLEURA asks nothing of you except to do nothing. Considering our human nature and that doing nothing is naturally impossible one must, at least, breathe.

The KIND BUDz are Austin, Bobo, Dave, Landon