Paper Mache Sculptures: From Cardboard to Life (Pt. 2)

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Event Info
Date 06.20.19
Admission Suggested Donation $20

'with Miranda Cohen

Learn how to create a your own paper-mache animal sculpture in this 2 day Featured Artist workshop!

Paper-mache is one of the most accessible forms of sculpture because it uses everyday materials like cardboard and newspaper as sculpting material. These materials, which would otherwise be recycled or thrown away, gain new life through your hands as you give them new life through sculpture!

Tickets give you access to both workshops to take you through the sculpture process from start to finish. All materials are provided. The first workshop focuses on turning an idea into three-dimensional form. You’ll get to see how artist, Miranda Cohen, turns her drawings into armatures, make one of your own, and apply your paper mache. In the second workshop you will paint and seal your sculpture and discuss different decorative techniques and motifs. By the end both workshops, you will leave with your finished sculpture and the knowledge of how to use paper mache on your own!

About our Featured Artist: Miranda Cohen is an Austin-based artist and designer. Highly influenced by Mexican folk art, childrens’ illustrations and the fantastic, she uses paper-mache to create vivid, fanciful animals and figures that are meant to amuse and delight.

  • NOTE: This event is only for women and non-binary makers.