P1nky and the Kwane: Another Soup Opera!

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Event Info
Date start 05.27.19
Date end 06.02.19
Start Time 12am
Admission $10–35
Sliding Scale
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A collaborative effort between Wayne Bruce Dean, Josue Allen Hart, Mariá Rivera Felizardo and Y2K, p1nky and The Kwane: Another Soup Opera is a 45-minute theatrical production that exists at the intersection of surrealist theatre, performance art and music performance. Set in a otherworldly universe, p1nky and The Kwane follows the narrative of demented Dr. Fou (Wayne Dean), an evil scientist in his quest to create the perfect weapon for world domination which he believes can be achieved by creating the perfect blend between humans and mice. As he experiments with two of his naive lab rats, p1nky (p1nkstar) and The Kwane (Y2K), these two become more powerful and more aware of his evil intentions. The plot takes an unexpected twist when p1nky and The Kwane realize that in order to be free they will need to join forces with the rest of Dr. Fou’s failed experiments and overthrow him. A thrilling and comical adventure ensues. Will p1nky and The Kwane be able to save ratkind or will Dr. Fou be able to complete his evil plan to take over the world?