Overdose Awareness Day 2023

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Overdose Awareness Day 2023.jpg

Event Info
Date 08.31.23
Time 4pm–8pm
Admission Free

Overdose Awareness Day has historically been a somber affair that takes place at the Capitol, but we decided to move away from institutions that do not serve us as people who use drugs and take the matter of OAD into our own hands.

Our hope is to honor and mourn our loved ones who have passed on in ways they would want to be honored and mourned - without the stigma, shame around drug use, and calls for abstinence and harsher drug laws always found at these events. This is a celebration of the ways that people who use drugs have, despite it all, survived another year of the landscape of worsening drug policy in Texas - a place to not be alone on a day where the internet’s flooded with people who look like us as cautionary tales, drug war propaganda, and fund-raising / promotional materials. We want a day where we can also celebrate the wins, collectively - and understand that we are not alone in the fight for our liberation.

Join us for a day of community where we connect in art making, memorial dedications, storytelling, collaborative kit making for mutual aid organizations, information sharing with our harm reduction zine library, bring a shirt or bandana for screenprinting, and enjoy the entertainment we’ve lined up for you as a way to show gratitude for each other and reframe this day for years to come.

This is an outdoor event with shade, east side pool, and water provided.