One or Several Deserts

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Date 04.11.23
Time 7pm–11pm
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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06.29.23 Horror Writer and Folk Musician Carter St Hogan Finds Relief in Discomfort by Laiken Neumann (Austin Chronicle)
04.06.23 Qmmunity: The Queer-ster Bunny by James Scott (Austin Chronicle)

Join us for the release of ONE OR SEVERAL DESERTS, trans horror writer Carter St Hogan's debut collection of short stories, out now with 11:11 Press!


Queer, strange, grotesque: eight intimate fictions give voice to bodies at the margins as they yearn and claw at their own flesh. Some of these bodies flicker in and out of reality; some find rebirth in a sentient disease; some consume the bowels of their lovers; others wrestle with sexual awakening at the hands of a giant stone in the wide American prairie. Bristling with defiance, cruel but tender, "One or Several Deserts" bends reality with a logic all its own.

"Carter St. Hogan's fearlessly innovative, unsettling stories run amok with a stark tenderness, and whirlwind poetic prose, that their fabric often lingers like only the best writing can. A not-to-miss, startling debut."

— Fernando A. Flores, author of Valleyesque and Tears of the Trufflepig

"Transgressive, sacrilegous, touching on a unique and previously unknown fleshy gnosticism: this is a roadmap for where the fantastic has yet to go."

— Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

"The way Carter's language spiders through these stories does a certain thing to my brain—akin to napping in a bed of knives. Tuck yourself in."

— JE Stintzi, author of My Volcano

"Here is some of the most dazzling prose I have read in quite some time."

— Garielle Lutz, author of Worsted

Carter St.Hogan is a trans nonbinary writer, performer, and educator based in Austin, TX. S/he earned their MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University in 2016, and their work has appeared in McSweeney's, The Best American Experimental Writing of 2020, Tarpaulin Sky Magazine, FANZINE, and others. Also known for their work as local folk musician Creekbed Carter, their portfolio can be found at