Nuturing with the Comfort Artist

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Event Info
Date start 09.14.19
Date end 09.24.19
Start Time 12am
Admission $10
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This performative, participatory workshop shares the theory and practice of the loving grandmotherly secrets Comfort Artist (Katelena Hernandez Cowles) uses in her performance works to create comfort, trust, connection, confidence, and a lasting therapeutic blanket of emotional safety for her audiences.

Topics include: Band Aid Rituals, Forehead Kisses, Full Attention Sessions, Cuddling Poses, Hair Play and Back Scratches, Lullabies and Love Songs, Nicknames, and Blessings. Equally appropriate for new parents, new lovers, long-term partners, and anyone seeking to create deep personal connection with another person.

Wear clothing comfortable for movement and be prepared to sit on the floor; some monitored interactive touching among participants should be expected. (No children or babies, please.)