No Idea Fest 2018

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The 15th annual No Idea Festival brings together a selection of artists whose work and participation in the festival has played an important role in our development. These artists will be joined by musicians from around the world performing in the festival for the first time for 4 days of free improvisation, composition, noise, installation & sonic interventions.


Thomas Lehn (Vienna)
Marcus Schmickler (Cologne)
Judith Hamann (Melbourne)
Bonnie Jones (Baltimore)
Jim Denley (Sydney)
Tetuzi Akiyama (Tokyo)
Akira Sakata (Tokyo)
Marshall Trammell (Kansas City)
Bhob Rainey (Philadelphia)
Birgit Ulher (Hamburg)
Juanjosé Rivas (Mexico City)
Greg Saunier (Baltimore)
Juan García (Mexico City)
Damon Smith (Boston)
-- / dashes (Vancouver)
Liz Tonne (Dallas)
Sean O'Neill (Austin)
Parham Daghighi (Austin)
Chris Cogburn (Austin)
Raquel Bell (Austin)
Stefan Gonzalez (Dallas)
Mutarrancho (Dallas)

// Instrument: drum set

An investigation into the sonic memory of the drum, sound artist John Brennan's installation "The Temporal Drum Set" ( questions whether improvisers transform their instruments’ tonality over time or whether these instruments influence and reconfigure a performer's music/body. Featuring music + interviews by luminary drummers William Hooker, Katharina Ernst, Chris Corsano (+ more), with No Idea revelations via Marshall Trammell and Greg Saunier.

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