No Idea Fest 2017

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Featuring artists from France, Norway, Mexico City, Canada, and across the USA


Lê Quan Ninh -- percussion (France)
Michel Doneda -- soprano saxophone (France)
Kjell Bjørgeengen -- video artist (Oslo, Norway)
Rick Reed -- electronics (Austin)
Andrea Ancira -- research (Mexico City)
Ramón del Buey -- bass clarinet (Mexico City)
Arthur Henry Fork -- guitar, electronics (Mexico City)
Fernando Vigueras -- guitar, objects (Mexico City)
Jacob Wick -- trumpet (Mexico City)
Chris Cogburn -- percussion, electronics (Austin)
Bob Hoffnar -- pedal steel guitar (Austin)
Kurt Newman -- guitar (Toronto)
Aaron Russell -- guitar (Austin)
Lauren Gurgiolo -- guitar (Austin)
Etched in the Eye -- guitar, baritone saxophone, keyboard (Houston)
Human Figure: Virginity -- performance (Austin)​

We are pleased to announce the 14th annual No Idea Festival 2017. This year's festival brings together a select group of musicians and sound artists from France, Norway, Mexico City, Canada, and the US for 4 days of collaboration in Austin, Texas February 16-19, 2017. Artists will perform a mix of solo and ensemble collaborations in the fields of free improvisation, installation, composition, research, noise, and film.

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