No Idea Fest 2016

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This year's festival brings together musicians and sound artists from around the world collaborating for 5 days in the fields of free improvisation, composition, free jazz, noise, and sonic interventions.

Artists include:

Jeph Jerman // objects → cottonwood, arizona
Tim Barnes // percussion, electronics → louisville
Ko Ishikawa // sho → tokyo
Mike Majkowsk //i double bass → berlin
Robin Hayward // tuba, electronics → berlin
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten // double bass → austin
Frode Gjerstad // saxophone, reeds → norway
Ava Mendoza // electric guitar → nyc
Alex Bruck // viola → mexico city
Ramón del Buey // bass clarinet → mexico city
Chris Cogburn // percussion, electronics → austin / mexico city
Steve Parker // slide trombone, electronics → austin
Damon Smith // double bass → houston
Sandy Ewen // electric guitar → houston
Steve Jansen // tapes, saxophone, guitar → houston / abq
Misha Marks // guitar, baritone horn → mexico city / new zealand
Alvin Fielder // drums, percussion → jackson, ms
Dave Dove // trombone → houston
Bob Hoffnar // pedal steel guitar → austin
Meteora // documents → mexico city

Festival highlights include:

Thursday, Feb. 25

electro-acoustic duo of field recording master Jeph Jerman and Time Barnes (Sonic Youth, Silver Jews, Royal Trux)

Friday, Feb 26

US premiere of French composer Éliane Radigue's OCCAM XI by Berlin micro-tubaist Robin Hayward

Saturday, Feb. 27

Free Jazz ensemble of Norwegian saxophonist Frode Gjerstad, NYC guitarist Ava Mendoza, original AACM drummer Alvin Fielder, and Austin's Ingebrig Haker Flaten

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