No Idea Fest 2013

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The 10th annual No Idea Festival brings together a select group of musicians and sound artists from across the US, Mexico and Europe for six nights of collaboration in free improvisation, composition, free jazz, noise and sonic interventions. Artists will perform in a a variety of manifestations ranging from first time meetings to established working ensembles. No Idea's weekend performances will be held at The Museum of Human Achievement Friday, February 22 and Saturday, February 23.

For the closing night of No Idea (Feb 22) Norwegian double bassist, and recent Austinite, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten will perform with Remi Álvarez and Milo Tamez, two major figures in the contemporary Mexico City free jazz scene. Other highlights of the weekend will include NYC/ Berlin micro tonal musicians Cat Lamb and Bryan Eubanks, Baltimore sound artist Bonnie Jones, Houston free noise duo Damon Smith and Sandy Ewen (Weird Weeds), Paris, France minimalists Dafne Vicente-Sandoval and Xavier Lopez, Austin super guitarist Jonathan Horne and many more.

Please check [1] for more information on artists, venues and other activities.

Initiated in the summer of 2003, the No Idea Festival is an annual event showcasing a handful of the U.S.’s premiere creative musicians in collaboration with improvisors from across Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada and the world. No Idea aspires to connect artists working in the forefront of their fields, providing the space and time where artistic process can flourish, leading towards new areas and approaches in the music. No Idea events have been held in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Marfa, Dallas, New Orleans, Mexico City and Mérida, Yucatán.

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