Nicolas Melmann, House of Kenzo

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Date 06.09.17
Admission Free


Melmann is the solo project of Nicolas Melmann. Buenos Aires based, graduate in Electro Acoustic Composition (Quilmes University), combines different musical dimensions, as sound artist- using electronics with acoustic instruments, always innovating in his compositions, making test formats, exploring different sounds, resources and instruments. Walking between experimentation and melody his music is nocturnal and introspective. Melmann comes to represent their country at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) with a double concert in the exhibition of Argentine artists "Journeys from the South" was also chosen to represent Argentina in the Redbull Music Academy New York 2013 residency - where he also performed a concert at the Metropolitan Art Museum (MET), as the opening act for Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

House of Kenzo

The House of Kenzo is a multi-disciplinary art collective with foundations in dance. The collective is dedicated to fearless expression in order to help realize awareness with movement. HOK supports the overall art scene by organizing dance classes, workshops, competitve dance environments, lectures, conceptual performances and parties that sustain the ever growing creative community.

On June 9th HOK will be presenting a condensed version of Pleasure in the Process a 4 part immersive program to emulate computer processors with our minds and bodies.