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Date 05.29.15
Admission Suggested Donation $3
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Some stories are unforgettable and in whatever form or genre they may be captured they hit hard. The songs on Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen have always had strong visual accompaniments in my brain. Reviews of the album describe it as stark, chilling, harrowing, unsettling and dream like in both its instrumentation and lyricism. These songs encapsulate a very specific time period in my memory and have been a part of my life since childhood, and the impetus for this show is to physically construct the images Nebraska conjures in my mind. In this effort, I created dioramas — tiny, realistic-looking, but distorted realities that reflect both childhood’s distorted conceptions of the adult world as well as the most memorable scenes from the album. Despite the memorable imagery of Nebraska, the album can’t be divorced from the music Springsteen created. As such the songs will be recreated by musicians who have an attachment to the album. -Christa Britton

With Music by

Jimmy Deveney
Vaughn Walters
Robert Banta
Howdy Darrell
Grant Cross
Ben Cartright

Art by

Christa Britton

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