More Eaze and Black Dolphin

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Event Info
Date 07.14.16
Admission Suggested Donation $5

Highlighting one of the main tenets of ACE — collaboration — this edition of our monthly series features the music of pop de(con)structionist More Eaze and North Texas chillwave outfit Black Dolphin. Both artists are active in the worlds of internet music & cassette culture and create work that stylistically exists in a liminal space. Elements of electronica, pop, contemporary composition, new age and various sub-genres deeply inform both artists' music though the results are often radically different from one another. At this show More Eaze & Black Dolphin will perform their respective solo sets, illustrating the way that these projects say the same things in different ways, then they will team up to present a new collaborative composition.

ACE is a monthly collaborative series at the The Museum of Human Achievement with an emphasis on community, learning, eclecticism and fun. for more information about ACE, please go to