Living Spaces 3

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Date 12.31.14
Admission Free
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Portals and Hype Machine are excited to introduce Living Spaces, a new series of traveling showcases brought to you by MailChimp. Reaching out to old and new friends, we'll move from city to city, occupying a unique independent space in each one. For each event, we'll collaborate with local visual and multidisciplinary artists to construct large-scale spatial installations. Our overarching intent is to create inhabitable space for live performance--space where everyone can engage wholeheartedly with the present experience. We hope to include both more familiar and less familiar visual artists, musicians, audiences, and places. Surrounding the showcases, we’ll work with the participating artists to bring you features documenting the experience. We hope you’ll join us in these explorations.


JUBILEE (Brooklyn, NY)
Ellie Herring (Lexington, KY)
Holly Waxwing (Birmingham, AL)
Wez (Austin, TX)
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