Leap Day Art Show

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Join us at The Museum of Human Achievement for a Leap Day art show! We invited 40 artists to make work responding to "Leap Day," however they chose to interpret it...

~Nostalgia! ~Time Keeping! ~Setting Intentions! ~Hopping Up & Down! ~Superstitions & Traditions! ~Being so glad we get to exist at the same time!

We will have special prizes, snacks and drinks.

Opening reception on Sunday, February 11, 2024 from 6-9pm

Closing reception on Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 11-2pm

xoxo 4friends + Victoria

4friends is a curatorial collaboration between artists Itai Almor, Jasmine Chock, Julia Kunze and Celine Lassus. They previously organized the Hot Wheels art show at MoHA in July 2023. Musician and artist Victoria Wayland joins them to commemorate this kind-of-rare occurrence in our construct called time.


erin shook, Madison Osborne, Megan Lee, Maggie Welch, Erica Henri, Morgan Gage, Gabriel Sharp, Joy Scanlon, Tay Hall, Jay Roff-Garcia, Abby Raffle, Izzy Porter-Hyatt, Julia Kunze, Jasmine Chock, Rick Hernandez, Itai Almor, Katharine Kunze, Luna Davis, Tyler Lamberth, Cristina Casas, Katrin Abel, Mindy Solis, Mauro De La Tierra, Jamie Lerman, Julio Martinez, Sara Aleyce Roma, Lauren Robinson, Kalia Aquino, Tiffany K. Smith, Eleanore Winchell, Joshua Adrian, Serena Zam, vfs, Yoona Bang, Martha Cryan, Jane Palacios & Grant Hardaway, Celine Lassus, Eva Roe, Maurice Vellas, Mae Hardebeck